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“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” - John Wooden


A true artist, Johnny creates unforgettable and highly coveted looks that perfectly highlight the unique beauty and personality of his clients. Johnny has had an impressive career defining Northern California hair fashion.


Having spent over three decades as a leader cutting, styling, and coloring hair in San José’s top salons, Johnny’s known as one of the cornerstones of the Valley.


When not at the salon, Johnny consumes and creates art as second nature, forwards his spiritual journey, and nurtures his friends, family and community.

Abstract Sand


Angelica "Angel" is a proud business owner who puts tremendous passion and energy into everything she does. Throughout her career, she has been committed to her clients, dedicated to honing her craft, and determined to pave her own way. With the opening of her own salon, Angel delivers an experience that is fun, comfortable, and inclusive. Pulling from the breadth of her experience and collaborating with her clients, she styles natural, lived-in, and hassle-free looks.


As Angel takes the next step in her career head on, she remains true to who she is and what she believes in, letting her drive and spirit be her guide. Inspired by the classics and taking inspiration from the many cultures in the area, Angel forges ahead to modernize, invent, and re-image the hair industry as she sees it.

Abstract Sand


Fashion enthusiast and street art buff, James Hoang has always been inspired by artists and creators from around the globe.


From the fashionistas of NYC to the guerrilla artists of London, James wields his own unique perspective and flair behind the chair.


Styling head-to-toe looks for more than 15 years in his home town of San José, James never tires of the transformations he witnesses in his clients.


His precision cutting, clean lines, editorial styling, and geometric approach creates an energetic, authentic, and chic sensibility. Working with all types of texture and density, James centers his work on who the person is and what they want to show in the world, allowing their confidence to shine through.

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